Netball Drill Demonstration


  • 2 Shooters and 2 Defenders in the goal circle
  • All other players lined up as evenly as possible at 3 corners of the Goal Third (W1, W2, W3)
  • Shooter starts with ball, W1 leads out to receive pass near circle edge.
  • W2 leads to circle edge to receive from W1. W1 clears out to W2 line.
  • W3 leads to circle edge to receive from W2. W2 clears out to W3 line.
  • W3 passes into shooter and then clears out around goal circle to W1 line. Shooter to shoot and then whoever rebounds starts the drill again with a pass to the next W1.

Coaching points

  • Each Shooter (GS/GA) have their own ball and get same back.
  • Defenders to not overcommit to intercept, but concentrate on defense of the shot and rebounding.
  • ALTERNATIVE 1: No Defenders in Circle. Start with this, especially for the lower ability groups.
  • ALTERNATIVE 2: Only one ball in play. This makes it closer to real game situation. Shooters allowed to use shooter-to-shooter pass to get better position for the shot.

Created by Simon, Netball Coach, Australia

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