Basketball Drill Demonstration


Students will be lined up against the wall with their team. Each team will have a cart, a laundry basket, and a box. The balls and balloons will be placed in the middle of court.

Students will be paired up with someone in their team. One will lay on the cart while the other holds his or her legs to push and pull them to the middle of the circle. 

The goal is to get as many balloons and balls back to their starting point and into thier box. The team with the most balloons and balls wins the game.


(black cones) There needs to be at least 4 teachers near the middle of the court to be able to make sure that the balloons and balls are placed back in the circle. They will be using poster boards.

(White cones) There will also need to be at least 2 tachers collecting all the balls and balloons that are brought back to the starting point. 


Other teachers will need to get the next pair of students ready to take their turn and will also need to make sure that the ones that have taken their turn return to the back of the line. 

Created by Yvonne, Basketball Teacher, United States of America

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