Rugby Drill Demonstration


- The coach will call the colour of the cone and the player will run to that cone. 

- On each cone there will be a ball and a defender with a shield. The player needs to pick the ball up and run into the defender and take 2 steps forward then present the ball on the floor and get back to their feet. 

- The player will complete 5 hits on different cones before having a rest for 2 minutes. The player will cmplete 3 sets. 

- The aim of this drill is to mimick the demands of rugby and creating choas by the player making decisions and introducing the element of contact. 

Coaching points

- When the player picks the ball up, they need to hold the ball in the opposite hand to the shoulder they hit the bag with.

- Use explosive power in legs to drive through the tackle.

- Have low body height through the contact. 

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