Rugby Drill Demonstration


9 passes to 10, who has the option of 13 on a hard crash line or 12 on a wide drift behind 13.

Coaching points

  • For demonstration, this uses 10, 12 and 13, but in reality this moves just requires 3 backs who know their role in the move, so it can be used at any time and at any phase of the attack regardless of who's in the line.
  • 9 passes to 10, who then chooses either 13 on a hard crash line, or 12 on a deeper & wider line.
  • it is important not to get too flat OR too deep for Red and its variants. If too flat, the opposition will be in your face too fast to pull off the 12-13 crossing runs, or the 10 won't have room to squeeze a pass behind 13 to 12. If too deep, the passes will work but won't gain any territory. Strong runs, good pace on passes and runs, and correct depth will lead to many line breaks & overlaps.
  • Also known as an 'Overs/Unders', both receivers outside of 10 should always expect the ball and keep their hands up, 10 will decide which is the better pass at the last moment. Neither player should run with the mentality of "I am a dummy runner": run as if you are gettting the ball everytime. This will reduce errors on our part and also cause confusion/indecision in defenders, who will face 2  legitimate threats. If we vary between 'Overs' and 'Unders' all game, we will find mistakes to exploit.
  • 15 starts between the centres and offers support to 13 if he crashes or an inside option to 12 if the pull-pass is chosen.

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