Rugby Drill Demonstration


SKILL FOCUS: Throwing, aiming and agility.

EQUIPMENT: Cones, hoops, step-up, rugby- and netball ball.


  • Set up the playing area as seen in the design.
  • Place a hoop at each side as the corner hoop (each team decide which side).
  • The balls (can be replace with bean bags), must be passed from this hoop before it is shoot to the opponent’s side.
  • Behind the corner cones, there is a one player at the 10-point mark. 
  • The opposite team can score 10 points if the ball lands, or bounces in the one player areas hoops.
  • The player in the one player area is a defender for both hoops (he/she is the only person that can be hit by the ball).
  • the players in the playing area can be up to 7 learners.
  • They hide behind step-ups that they can place anywhere on their side. 
  • therefore, a teammate passes the ball to a learner from the corner hoop where the learner that receive the ball passes the ball towards a learner on the other side.
  • if they are hit in any way they are out of the game and must sit on the side of the playing court. 

Coaching points

Divide the teams that they are equal in strength.

Norally it works perfectly for backs against fowards for team building.

This is a great warm-up game where the coach can talk with each learner. 

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