Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Coach/SH calls 'up'
  • SH passes to 1 then 2 then 3 receivers
  • Receivers square up to their run (i.e. hips, feet and shoulders faceing North and South after quick J-run)
  • Receive ball at pace and finish run down the channel
  • 2nd receiver is added and must receive pass from 1st receiver before the final cone line
  • 3rd receiver is added and now must receive ball before the cone line
  • Complicate and increase the difficulty by 1 -decreasing the space needed to complete the pass 2 - increase the speed 3 - SH calls the channel that is to receive the pass and others need to adjust runs

Coaching points

  • Communication is key
  • Receivers hands up "W" with thumbs, arms slightly bent,
  • Fast hands resulting from good communication and eye contact with reciever
  • Encourage push pass not spin pass

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