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Ryan Wright and Wrong

Coaching points


Back Row: Left 8-4-11


Back Row: Left 8-4-11


This is a great move to use from a scrum anywhere on the pitch. However, you must have room to go left.


It’s particularly useful when you want to set up either second phase ball or, in your own 22, a ruck to clear with a kick, notably when their 9 has been putting pressure on the pass from your scrum half.


Why it works


  • The element of surprise! Unusually for a back row move, it goes left.


  • 8 steps into contact with the opposition 9, taking him out of the play.
  • 6 binds on to the inside, creating a “wall”, so 4 can break off, either to bind on or attack the left hand channel.
  • This frequently creates a 2 v 1, with your 4 and 11 versus their 14.


Good if we have


  • A big 8 who can hold up their defence.


  • A fast ball handling 4 who can drive on through contact or make metres in open play.


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