Rugby Drill Demonstration


The purpose of this test is to measure the player’s speed and agility. The test is set up as shown below:

Equipment : Cones, whistle, tape-measure and photocells if possible, otherwise hand timing will suffice.

Procedure : The player lies in the prone position with his chin touching the surface of the starting line. A whistle sets off the player, who jumps up and accelerates towards and around the opposite cone. He then runs towards the starting line’s middle cone, zig-zags through the cones downward and again upwards, sprints to the last cone on the far side and finishes at the finish line.

If a player is tested on a grass surface then boots must be used. No starting blocks are allowed. If indoor testing is completed then running shoes should be used. A hand-held timer should be used.

Scoring : The player gets two chances, with the faster time taken and recorded in seconds.

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