Rugby Drill Demonstration


4 Defenders with pads set up at 3m intervals in between 2 cones. Defenders are only allowed to move side to side between their cones.

In pods of 3, the attacking side looks to beat the defenders with well timed offloads AFTER contact.

Defenders must give a good amount of resistance for the drill to feel realistic.

Drill ends once last defender is beaten, pod drops ball or pod stops moving at any point.

Coaching points

Ball carrier to hit pad at speed and with small steps, while moving ball to the outside of the body

Ball carrier to use momentum of hit to offload immediately

Support runners must keep their depth and run onto the pass at speed

Support runners will need to correct their running lines depending on which shoulder ball carrier will take contact on

Early and clear communication

Ball carriers should look for space, make the defender come to you

Use a range of offloads

Passes need to be put flat, short and soft

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