Rugby Drill Demonstration


The goal of this game is to stop the Red ball carrier scoring in the try area.

In order to do this, you will need to use 1 of 3 different tackling techniques (front, side or rear).

You set up a large area with 3 different coloured cones on 3 of the 4 corners and a starting position for the attacker in one of them.

The coach will call a colour (1 of the 3 cones) and that is the mark for the ball carrier and the defender (whichever cone they were on) to go.
For example here; if red was called, the ball carrier would dart for the try zone and the defender on the red cone would chase them and attempt to make a try saving tackle from behind before the line.

If blue is called, the defender on that cone would be trying to intercept the attacker and make a side tackle.

If yellow is called, the defender on that cone will come forward and meet the ball carrier and attempt to make a positive tackle and drive them back as far as possible. If a positive tackle cannot be made (due to side step etc) stopping the ball carrier from reaching the try line is paramount.

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