Rugby Drill Demonstration


Intensive tackle practice for all age groups U9 upwards.

Can be used for players to practice basic, low-speed tackles as well as tackles at greater speed and frequency.

Small group work allows players to peer-coach and to work semi-independently.

This format allows lots of scope for incorporating 5Cs into tackle work.

Coaching points

5 players and one ball per group. Players should be given 4 cones and asked to set up their own grid approx 5x5m. One player in centre with ball, one player on each corner of grid as per Fig. 1.

START - centre player calls the name of one of the corner players and throws him the ball (Fig. 2.). Centre player should then adopt a good ready position for the tackle, based on Tower of Power.

Corner player attempts to walk/jog/run diagonally across grid to opposite corner to score on the marker cone. Centre player stops him with an effective tackle targeting the legs (Eyes to thighs, Cheek to cheek, Ring of steel, Drive through) as in Fig. 3.

If tackle is successful, ball is returned to tackler to choose next opponent. If unsuccessful, try scorer chooses.

As part of progression, and to promote strong driving tackles as well as encouraging players' creativity, introduce a points system to reward both attack and defence as per the example in Fig 4. In this example, tackler manages to stay on his feet and drive the ball-carrier out of the box, scoring 5 points.

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