Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Set up grids 7-10m
  • Groups of 4
  • 1 Feeder, 2 attackers, 1 defender
  • Attackers move forward, feeder passes to first attacker and they attempt to score past defender.

Progressions / Regressions

  • 1st attacker to have ball in hands at start
  • Defender can move forward but not across/ move anywhere
  • Attackers start with backs to grid and defender can start from either corner of try line
  • All 3 players start in the middle, attackers go round one of their line corner cones each and defender goes round one of his try line corner cones (With feeder or in hand)
  • Coach to condition defender to drift on to receiver to test ball carriers decision making process

Coaching points

  • Ball carrier to run with ball in 2 hands and draw defender to create space
  • Timing of pass to hold defender but not allow him to interfere
  • Support player to communicate effectively
  • Support player to hold depth and run on to ball with target (hands) up
  • Ball carrier see if defender drifts onto support player, so they keep ball and score
  • If defender coming from opposit support player, will need deeper pass to avoid interception

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