Rugby Drill Demonstration


Set up the ballcarriers on the centre and then set up the tacklers at the Bluegate.

The coach will set off one of the  ballcarriers to run along the designated path and through the gates set up with the white yellow orange and red cones along the side of the field.

The coach will then set off the tackler with a four second handicap so the tackler must work out The pace of the ballcarrier and he's own pace to intercept and tackle the ballcarrier.

There are four major key points to this drill

  1. All ball carriers must decide which arm to carry the Ball in
  2. Adjust pace accordingly to the Tacklers speed The ball carrier is not allowed to fend off their opponent i.e no hand offs and must only the use of  speed adjustment they have to run between the cones placed.
  3. Tacklers must scan and time their running according to ball carrier and must not get in front but rather tackle from behind or a angled side tackle

  4. Timing is everthing !

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