Rugby Drill Demonstration


M2 9 passes to 10 with12 running at an angle behind him. 13 also runs at an angle with 11 running angle at opposite direction. 10 passes to either 11 or 13, (in this example 11 has taken the ball) 11 then passes to 15 who has joined the line who draws both opposite winger and full back before offloading to 14 for a try in the corner.

Coaching points

  • Players running dummy lines should be running at angles towards the inside shoulder of the defender
  • All players should call for the ball whether they expect to receive it or not
  • Players should expect to change the move mid point if one attacker manages to break the line
  • If you're through the defensive line and unopposed...go for it, don't look around for someone to pass to
  • If a player breaks the defensive line, everyone go with him in support

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