Rugby Drill Demonstration


-Kickoffs Offense and Defense

-22's Offense and defense

-Scrum Plays

- 8 man pick

-8 man goes wide 9 goes widest Flankers fillls inside support

-8 man attacks opposing fly half runs a switch with our fly half 9 and flank stay inside for support of fly half

-Mid-Field Split backs

- scrum half reads defense and attacks opposing side with Fly half crashing from middle and full back filling from behind

Penalty plays Offense and Defense

- Offense

- Forwards- Split two pods (prop, Second Flank Hook) (Prop, second, Flank, 8)

- cross or smash by scrum half single or toss back following crash.


-Picket fence- Retreat facing, set line with ref and attack as team one man one tackle philosphy second person poaches. Think pods as you set picket fence.

- Kicks- Winger position and counter attack for balls that don't go out.


-Pod jumps

- pop, drop or drive

If possible depending on girls progress run unopposed against pads both teams are offense depending on


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