Rugby Drill Demonstration


Players line up in two horizontal lines facing each other. The player on one end starts with the ball and runs approziamtely 10m and passes it to the next person in line. The next person in the line wait for the player to run 5 metres before running and wait until the player with the ball has passed it to him backwards. This proccess is repeated till the last person has the ball. The last player catches the ball and runs to the opposite line of players and acts as if he/she has been touched. The players in the second line pick up the ball as if it is simulating a game roll ball. The proccess then continues with the other group for a limited amount of time.


Coaching points

Aim for the chest when passing
Move forward to receive the ball (run forward diagonal) 
Run with two hands on ball
Ensure final player rolls/plays ball properly. (Place, Step over, Move forward)

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