Rugby Drill Demonstration


Pod Building with + &- Focus

Coaching points

  • Halfback to pass to runner only when he has +&- support.
  • Runner to pick a target and make contact, when he is making contact left support player to make contact with ball carrier at same time and build on drive forward 
  • Right support player to time his contact so he drives left support player foward, and they both drive past the ball
  • Half back to asses defenders, if 10 is lazy and or goes early half back to run back in behind ruck, then forwards automatically peform pick and drive to allow halfback time to get up.
  • If forward runner has inadequate support, half back to pass straight out to 10.
  • Encouragement needs to be made to make all contact in forwards and backs in this manner to eliminate turnover ball

This can then be used to lead into drill where left & right cleanout is peformed over tackle bag & ball with focus on safe feet not kicking the ball forward

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