Rugby Drill Demonstration


2 D work for 1 minute

Ball always starts with the outside A on the line. A try and pass the ball round D and score without being touched.

If try scored/touch made, ball is quickly passed to outside A of other line, who can attack immediately without waiting for D

D must touch 2 reds cones opposite attacking line before they can try to defend and make a touch

Coaching points

1st receiver must go forward to interest 1st defender and create depth

Pressure pass will be 2nd pass opposite D2. It is important that this man holds his depth to buy time to pass. Let 1st man carry until you see his shoulder blades to ensure depth

D2 will probably rush, so does A2 need to go forward? Maybe not, he can let D take himself out of the game through line speed

Have to work hard to read D or turn D hips to interest them  

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