Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Set up a 30m by 30m square that will be the playing area then set up a second 10m by 10m square in 1 of the courners of the big square which will be the 4 bases that the players run around.
  • Have half the player act are fielders.
  • Have 1 player go into the centre of the bases to act as a scrumhalf, he will pass the ball from the ground to his teammate on home base who then has to kick the ball and run to 1st base. The ball can’t be kicked straight out of play or go behind home base at all.
  • If the ball is caught before hitting the ground the kicking player is out.
  • If the ball is passed a base a player is running to they are out, If a player leaves a base they may not return to it.
  • The teams swap over after all the player on a team have kicked.

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