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Introduction/Expectation: (5 minutes)

  • Re-Introduce expectations of remote learning while they are on the computer.
  • Ex- Last time we did a great job of learning the expectations for remote learning in sports. In order for us to have as much fun as possible we have to be able to follow the expectations in each class. Let’s go over them again!
  1. We must respect one another and do not make fun of each other.
  2. We respect the class and coach by not calling out and taking ourselves off mute only when told
  3. We pay attention at all times.
  4. We work as hard as we can at all times.
  5. Pay attention to your surroundings to ensure we are always exercising in a safe space.
  6. We never give up.
  7. We never use the word "I CAN'T"
  8. We do not take ourselves off mute or write in the chat unless you are told too.
  9. We haveeeeee A lot of funnnnnnnnn.

Warm Up: (5 minutes)

  • Scholars will walk, jog and run in place. As scholars are warming up you are watching to see who has proper technique and who doesn't use the correct form.

Description: (5 minutes)

  • Stand in the middle of the screen. Stand in front of a table or the wall so scholars can see your full body and explain that you will run together on-the spot to practice fast running.
  • Make sure they hold their torso straight and vertical. Begin by walking slowly with them on the-spot, and make sure they are facing you.
  • Point out that your hands should be touching the table or wall.
  • Talk to them about having their hands straight out with their fingers touching. Demonstrate how the hands should look. Have scholars show you their hands. Their arms should also be straight against the table or wall.
  • Start to speed up your movements slightly, and bring your knees up high. Ask them to bring their knees up high as well. (As the scholars land they should be on the toes of their feet)
  • Finally, ask them to jog or run very fast on-the-spot for five seconds (as if they are running a race).
  • Watch their movements as they speed up, and give them reminders where needed (e.g., keep your head still, arms straight against the table or wall, lift your
  • knees more).

Activity: (10 minutes)

  • The scholars start with one knee forward.
  • I will give them a number and they will drive their knee up and back to the floor as fast as they can.
  • As the scholars get better they will try this without holding on to the table or wall and start to pump their arms like they learned before.

Coaching points:

  • Head still.
  • arms straight against the table or wall.
  • Lift knees more.
  • hands straight out with their fingers touching.
  • Torso is straight and vertical.


  • Slow drive ups - Once scholars are driving their knees up correctly with proper form, move to 50% speed.
  • 50% speed - is moving faster than slow drive ups but slower than 100% speed. Once scholars are driving their knees up at 50% speed correctly with a nice smooth pace and have proper form, move to 100% speed.
  • 100% speed - at 100% speed scholars should be moving as fast as they can with maintaining proper form.
  • If scholars are not performing these exercises with the correct form regress to movement before.
  • If scholars keep progressing they will stop holding on to the table or wall and pump their arms opposite arm to knee like they learned before.

Cool down/Guided questions: (5 minutes)

  • Why is it important that we warm up?
  • Why do I need to drive my knees as fast as I can?
  • What is the proper form for your hands when you are running?



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