Rangi (Version 1)

category: Backs-Moves

Rugby: RANGI (VERSION 1) · Rugby Drill Demonstration · Description · Coaching points · Description · Coaching points · Related DrillsOften Used...

Continuous Passing Drill

category: Handling

Coaching points · Pull back pass · Head through · Hands up · Catch ball early · Speed of transfer.

Rugby Netball

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Rugby Netball Warm Up Break your players into two teams. One team goes to attack, and one to defence. There is no kicking in this game. Normal ...

Warm Up - Wrestle

category: Warm-Up

players start ontop of eachother. the guy ontop is trying to stop the boy on the bottom gettign up; wrestle and by no means let the player on the flo...


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