Mini-Goal Game

category: Kicking

Rugby Mini-Goal Game Kicking Game to practice controlling the ball. Set up two goals (roughly 2m wide) opposite each other about 5m away (red cones -...

Mini Ruck

category: Ruck

Rugby Mini Ruck Ruck Groups of five Three attackers try and score against one defender If touched must ruck clear out, introduction, ruck, running, s...

5 Person Scrum (Mini Rugby)

category: Scrum

With a wealth of experience and as part of New Zealand's World Cup winning coaching team, Marg is ready to pass on her knowledge to answer your coach...

Mini Game - Skills Game

category: Handling

In this game players try to keep possession and carry the ball over their opponent's line to score a try. Coaching points.

Web Videos

Grm minis: hull under 9s rugby league

Our first instalment of our GRM SPORT Minis coverage. Shawn Boatin travels to Holderness Vikings to feature 3 enthusiastic Hull teams who took part in...


Community Drills

U6 Handling for minis.

U6 Kneeling pass and passing relays.Bounce and catch. Catching and turn shouder to attack.Mirror Ball and Mirror Ball game. Based on video ...

Suttonians Minis - Ball Skills 1

Get kids to run forward but jink rather than straight linePass backwardsTwo hands on the ball. Stop at 4th cone and pass back to coach/parent

Suttonians Minis - Ball Skills 2

Ball Starts with Anchor.Gets passed down the lineKid at the end runs to the far coneThen the others follow suit.The anchor doesn't move, and they rest...