Diamond Shape Supporting Lines

category: Off-Loads

Rugby Diamond shape supporting lines Off Loads This is an exercise for continuity and support for attacking play Lay out a rectangular playing area, ...

Multi Support Touch

category: Off-Loads

Rugby Multi Support Touch Off Loads Once the coach has kicked the ball in to start players play ... Rugby Drill Demonstration ... Diamond shape suppo...

Offload Central

category: Off-Loads

Rugby Offload central Off Loads Set Up Small 10 x 10m grid - 1/3rd of group ... 2 vs 1 - with running support Drill Thumbnail ... Diamond shape suppo...

4V1V1 Down The Line

category: Decision-making

Defenders are only allowed to defend along their line, marked out with 2 cones. Attackers run in a diamond shape, onto the ball at pace. It's key the...

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