The Beginners Rugby Manual

Each training session is 1 hour. 40 minute dedicated to skill development; 20 minutes to a modified rugby game. Segmented into 10 minute time slots ...

Developing The Spin

category: Passing

Rugby Developing The Spin Passing Using just one hand they should pass the ball to each other, spinning the ball. They should make 10 passes on one h...

Rugby Baseball

category: Sevens

Rugby Rugby Baseball Sevens Split your team into two teams. One team will be up to bat/kick and the other team will field. The fielding team should t...


Ruck Development!

Rucking isn’t just about the breakdown itself, get your players thinking ahead towards the next play and make your rucks twice as effective.


Development of Rucking

Use this session to introduce juniors to the ruck and improve older players' rucking ability - Starting slowly and use the progressions to increase th...


7. Fitness Testing

This training programme is focused purely on the conditioning of your squad.