Red Arrows

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Red Arrows Tag Rugby Players work in groups of 5, with 1 ball per group - starting in a single file. The first player runs out 5m then stops, t...

Lesson 3 Layout

category: Tag-rugby

Rugby League Lesson 3 Layout Tag rugby. ... Tag Rugby Lesson 3 Pitch Layout Set out the grid as shown 4 x Rugby Balls 12 x ... Red Arrows Drill Thumb...

Bull Dog

category: Tag-rugby

Rugby League Bull Dog Tag rugby Large Grid 30m x 30m. Start with 5 defenders in the middle Everybody else stands at one end of the grid wearing tags.

Lesson 2 Layout

category: Tag-rugby

Rugby League Lesson 2 Layout Tag rugby. ... metres 4 x Rugby Balls 12 x Tag Belts 4 x Yellow Cones Additional Equipment Req. ... Red Arrows Drill Thu...

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Community Drills

Offensive Lineup from a Ruck

Offensive lineup to be instituded whenever possible. Offense is lined up in a wide, steep back line with 2 pods.One pod 10m wide and 10m ba...

Red Arrows

1 Ball Carrier 2 Support PlayersCone area 4m wide by 20 m long Ball carrier in the middle with 2 support players either side. All 3 start ru...

Snake Run (Speed Endurance)

Starting on the corner of the Deadball line and the touch line sprint at 90% along the deadball line, at the opposite touch line rest for 15 seconds w...