Virtual Snake-Bite

category: Defence

Place some cones in a large circle, using more cones than players. Each player stands behind a cone. Moving on the balls of their feet with little s...

Snake Bite Distraction

category: Defence

In this game you have two attackers who are passing the ball between them with one defender who stands behind the attacker. The defender is the worker...

Follow The Ball

category: Defence

Players stand in pairs, with the worker standing behind the ball holding player. Depending on where the ball holding player holds the ball the worker ...

Defending Footwork With Ball

category: Defence

In pairs ball between two player 1 holds the ball infront. As player 2 comes round the back player 1 releases the ball ( by lobbing the ball 10cm and ...

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Snakebite Defence

Get your players making more interceptions with this run round the side and snatch the ball away session!