Biting Defence - Coach the Snakebite Defence!

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The Snakebite Defence is a sharp and decisive pincer movement, designed to put pressure on the opposition's player and get your players making incisive interceptions.

When your players are stood behind an attacking player it can often be difficult to get around them before the attacker's gained possession, however the snakebite's strong point is that it uses fast feet and sharp darting running to sneak around the corner and snatch away the ball.

What's with the name?

Snakebite snakeBy giving this defensive move an exciting and dynamic sounding name you will make it easier for your players to visualise and remember.

When you next talk about the snakebite defence your players will remember this venomous move that's sure to poison the opposition's attack.

It's fast, it's effective and it's a sure fire way for your team to strike to win possession and turn defence into offence!

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