Using Player On Back Line - Rhs

category: Overload-situations

Player 1 runs into the circle and if the defender does not approach, player 1 can shoot at goal. Alternatively if the defender approaches, player 1...

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Field hockey goalkeeper training

A lot of people have commented on how close to the line I am standing. I don't think the camera angle helps but I do tend to stand closer to my line p...



Community Drills


Dynamic Warm-upOne LapDynamic Stretching 10-16 yards of: Skip Pull Knee to chest Gallop R Gallop L Flamingo Walk Side shuffle R Side Shuffle L Monster...

Cool Down

Stage 1:Slow jogging, leading into walk, passing ball between groupStage 2: Static StretchingHold each stretch for 15/20 seconds

cool down

the cool down will involve them going on a gentle jog and then get paired up to go through a variety of static stretches to remove lactic acid and to ...

Copy of Physical warm upWarm up

Players will warm up as follows:Cardio ActivationTwo shuttles at 60% speedKaraoke shuttleHigh knees shuttleBut kicks shuttleStretchingSmall skips shut...