Changing The Point Of Attack

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Player 1 passes the ball to player 2. At the same time, player 3 makes a run infield to create a space for player 2 to pass the ball ahead of player ...

Receiving On The Forehand

category: Video-Techniques

Receive ball in front of the right foot with weight on right foot in order to pass ball in either direction. Eyes should watch the ball onto the stic...

Skills - Drag Flicks

category: Indoor-Hockey

Practice the drag flicks. Dribble into the 'D' and shoot with a drag flick.

Goal Scoring - Individual Practice

category: Skill-Circuit

A great one for players to practice on their own and to develop shooting on the run. In this drill the player has to hit the ball into the goal, colle...

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