Footwork And Power Push

category: Video-Techniques

Coaches objective: To further increase the speed of the push to minimise unnecessary interceptions


Intercept Or Not

category: Goal-keeping

Player with 6 balls stands outside the circle.

This player has to try and hit the ball to the player on the far post.

Player on the f...

Web Videos

Fieldhockey defence

Examples of defending - block tackle - jab tackle - shave tackle - interceptions.

Unc field hockey: familiar faces

The UNC Field Hockey team will rely on experience and team chemistry this season, as nine upperclassmen return to Chapel Hill. The team opens its 2014...



Community Drills

Conditioned Mini Game

Players start in their own half and the game begins with a backwards pass. Players must work as a team to attmpt to stop the ball on the back lin...

Intense 3v3 timed conditioned game

3v3 played with a goalie between the two 5 metre short corner dashes either side of the goal and the top of the shooting circle.Game played continousl...


This is a simple passing drill, the players in blue are on the same team and the player in red is a defender. One side the defend starts behind the re...