Right To Left Rotation

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey Right to Left Rotation Indoor Hockey As with the Right to Left rotation, players play out a 3 v 2 counter attack if the defenders win the ball...

1 V 1 Defence C

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey 1 v 1 Defence C Indoor Hockey Defence force play over to the forehand, while the attack ... When the defender wins the ball, play out a 2 v 1 ...

Combinations - Deflections

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey Combinations - Deflections Indoor Hockey Drill to reinforce movement on the pitch. The player that started the move will score the deflection ...

1 Vs 1 Defence B

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey 1 vs 1 Defence B Indoor Hockey Defence force play over to the forehand. ... When the defending side wins ball play out a 2 vs 1 counter attack...

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2 vs 4X’s carry ball out of own defensive end, trying to get past 4 opponents (O’s) and through dashed line with possession.O’s work...