Using The Boards

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey Using the Boards Indoor Hockey Set up a line of cones about 5 to 8 metres away from the boards forming a long thin pitch. Make two end zones 2...

Hockey Squash

category: Rebound-Blocks

Hockey hockey squash Rebound Blocks 2 players with as many rebound boards attached as you can find. player hit alternate into the board. The first pl...

Using Board 2 Vs 1

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey Using Board 2 vs 1 Indoor Hockey The forward (blue 1) gives the ball to the opposition's defender and then tries to win the ball back. Once th...

Combination Down Right Board

category: Indoor-Hockey

Hockey combination down right board Indoor Hockey Player 1 runs with the ball through the little slalom and passes the ball to player 2 on the the ha...

Web Videos

Field hockey drill

Improve your 3d field hockey skills with this great rebound board drill. Knockout PT2.



Community Drills

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Default defensive strucure. Fall away to just over half way.2 forwards are narrow, midfielder is behind them and in between them. Defenders are w...

Defensive formation

Default defensive formation2 -1- 2 - Zonal2 narrow forwards - block the ball into the middle and encourage them to pass off the boards 1 midfielder - ...