3 V 1 Pattern To Score

category: Overload-situations

3 blue and 1 white player start from between the gates (2 cones). Set in the specific areas on the pitsh. Blue 1 starts with the ball and passes the b...

Creating Scoring Chances - 3 V 1

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Player CF feeds the ball to RW through the area. On receiving the ball the RW takes the ball to the back line, (as soon as the ball has passed through...

2 Vs. 1 Tag Defence

category: Overload-situations

Players start in pairs on the 23 meter line. The attackers have to try and score a goal against the defender. The defender has no stick and to stop th...

3 Vs 2 - Get To Goal

category: Overload-situations

The middle attacker starts with the ball. The drill starts with one of the other attacking players making a diagonal run forward to try and get ahead ...

Web Videos

Maria whitehead

This video is about Wake Forest Field Hockey's fundraiser for Melanoma in memory of Maria Whitehead.


Community Drills

Post up & roll into 3v1

Attacker is back marked from defender, receives and rolls either way - if he eliminates defender can pass directly into circle. If not, he can dump ba...


Create two boxes about 6m square and put them about 10m apart.Player with the ball dribbles up to one box and then, with two parners, plays 'pig in th...

rondpushen, 3v1

de blauwe spelen de bal rond en de gele speler moet de bal afpakken.wanner A de bal heeft moet C zorgen dat hij NIET in de diagonaal staat!