Abs 1

category: 117-stability-balance

Handball Abs 1 117 stability/balance Lie on your back. ... and upper body for a few inches and lie down again. abs, core stability, core strength, fi...

Stability 6

category: 117-stability-balance

Handball Stability 6 117 stability/balance Stand straight with your arms ... line with the big toes on the floor. balance, core stability, core stren...

Stability 10

category: 117-stability-balance

Handball Stability 10 117 stability/balance Toes and elbows on the floor. ... chin with left and then with right knee. balance, core stability, core ...

Goal Throws To The Running Player

category: 539-fast-throw-off

The goalkeepers receive the ball from the feeder and throws a ball into the path of the running player who then passes back to the feeder.

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Goalkeeper Training - Fitness Work

During training, goalkeepers can often be forgotten and are given little technical work or coaching. This session focuses solely on the goalkeepers, w...


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