Defensive Stance

category: 323-defenders-movements

Handball Defensive stance 323 defenders movements As players run forward to defend they should think about their stance and approach: They should tak...

533 Attacking Against Man-To-Man Defence

category: 533-attacking-against-man-to-man-defence

Handball 533 attacking against man-to-man defence 533 attacking against man-to-man defence Attacking against 4:0 + 2 defence - players who are defend...

543 Defence : Man-To-Man

category: 543-defence-man-to-man

Handball 543 defence : man-to-man 543 defence : man-to-man Positions : One libero stays between 6 and 9 meters to help in case of emergency. Rest of ...

547 5:1 Defence

category: 547-5-1-defence

Handball 547 5:1 defence 547 5:1 defence Pass B1-B2-B1 who duels with R1. After the duel B1 takes the position of R1. R1 runs around the cones and go...

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Defending the Pivot

Put pressure on the opposition's pivot player with this interception skills session - teach your defence to run out, cut out the pass and get back in ...