Back Foot Straight Drive

category: Extras

Cricket Back foot straight drive Extras Played to a ball short of a length, roughly stump high Relaxed, balanced stance, head still, eyes level Back ...

The Straight Drive

category: Front-foot-batting

Cricket The Straight Drive Front foot batting Divide the group into groups of 4 and organise as shown in the diagram. Player (1) drives the ball off ...

Use Of Feet - Straight Drive

category: Techniques

Cricket Use of Feet - Straight Drive Techniques Looking to hit ball straight back past bowler Quick feet from the batter are essential when getting t...

On Drive

category: Extras

Cricket On drive Extras Attacking stroke, played to a full, delivery, usually a ... Drop feed drive from set position Drill Thumbnail ... Back foot s...

One Handed Drive

category: Extras

Cricket One handed drive Extras Drill designed to increase power of top hand, ... hit ball too hard- follow all of the above as of the standard strai...

Cover Drive

category: Extras

Cricket Cover drive Extras This is an attacking stroke, played to a full, wide of off stump ... Cricket Drill Demonstration ... Back foot straight dr...

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