One Day Nets - Bowling Challenge

category: Conditioned-games

Cricket One day nets - Bowling challenge Conditioned games Set up two nets with 4-6 players assigned to each. Each net has a different type of bowler...

Cut Shot

category: Extras

Cricket Cut shot Extras Played to a ball short of a length and wide of off stump. Ball is aimed square of the wicket. Relaxed, balanced stance, head ...

One Day Netting

category: Conditioned-games

Cricket One Day Netting Conditioned games In two nets you have one devoted to spin bowling and the other to seam. With 6 people in each net you will ...

Off Drive

category: Extras

Cricket Off drive Extras Attacking stroke, played to a full off stump line delivery Relaxed balanced stance, head and eyes level Backswing and step f...

Web Videos


Rainy Day Indoor Batting Session

Front and Back Foot batting session - Whatever the weather decides to do make sure you're prepared with this indoor or outdoor driving session!


Community Drills

Ball Line Up Runout

Set 2 Pugg Goal nets up with stumps as shownPlace 6 cones in a line down the middle between the nets. Approx 5m apart maxSit a ball on top of each con...

Net Session

Focus on the accuracy and consistancy of the bowlers by placing cones in the perfect areas in which you want the bowlers to hit. focus on technique by...