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Can be done in pairs/ groups of three. One batter and one feeder minimum required. 6 tennis balls per pair/group. Each batter will have two rounds of 6 balls each.Feeder must feed over arm, bouncing the ball in the feeding zone, at height of feed number (1) as seen in the short ball drill.Batter plays pull shot, looking to hit ball along the ground. Nets would be essential for this practice.


Feeder can come closer, and feed on the full, under arm at batter for improved accuracy. This feed would also allow for rapid fire feeding, where only the hands move in the execution of the shot.Cricket balls may be used for this.

Coaching points

Batter looks to keep weight forward, although playing back and across stumps.Arms should be fully extended out in front of batter upon impact.Batter should look to hit the ball from high to low, with the shoulders rotating horizontally through the ball.Encouraging player to push head further at ball will improve weight distribution, and encourage hands to accelerate through the ball more.

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