Attack or Defend Batting Game

Attack or Defend Batting Game

Hi - I need to create a session plan (20 minutes) for an Attack or Defend Batting Game, where the child needs to make the decision depending on the delivery whether to attack or defend the ball. Approximately 8-10 children aged 10 and 11 - any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks. Anil

Anil NooraniCoach, England
Neville YoungCoach, Australia

If it is 20 min total for 8 to 10 kids then that means 2-3 minutes for each kid. I have always found that putting a scenario forwards is the best way to go. ie. You are facing the last over of a Test match. If you go out, your side will lose the Test.

You are playing out the last over of the World Cup. You have to score 7 runs to win. If you lose your wicket, you lose the World Cup. If you don’t score 6 runs you will lose the World Cup.

You are facing the last 2 overs of the day. You have 12 balls to score 14 runs to win your 20/20 final.

Conversely, you can put the bowlers in the same situation. The batsman cannot score more than ……. Runs in ……. Balls, Or if you take a wicket this over(s) (6 balls, 12 balls etc) you will win the Final.

If the batsman cannot score 8 runs this over you will win the World Cup.

The batsman needxs to score 12 runs in your last 6 balls to win world 20/20 Championship etc..

You are bowling the last over of the day. You have 6 balls to prevent the opposition from score 8 runs to win your 20/20 final.

You can set the scenario to whatever suits the batsman or bowler.

You could have your champion bowler and your worst batsman. All they have to do is score a run to win, If they go out it will be a draw.

Stop the batsman from scoring 8 runs this over and your team becomes the World Champion.

You need to prevent the batsman from scoring a run this ball (end of the over).

Put some pressure on both the bowler or batsmen; by you setting the scenario.

I’m sure you will work it out, so that whatever you tell the bowlers(s) or Batsmen, you can adjust it to their skill level so it is exciting for them.

This Scenario isn’t just applicable solely to juniors, it is also exceptionally effective with senior players, NO MATTER WHAT LEVEL.

All you have to do is get them using their imagination and excited. When they get to that that state they are in the closest thing you can have to match simulation.

It helps to know your players before using this. Although if you are just getting to know them, go with the flow. Use targets that you think are achievable. You will learn as you go.

No matter what, make it fun for them, whether they are kids or adults. They ALWAYS respond to whatever you put to them.

All you have to do reflect on what happened, refine your responses to suit and you will become a better coach.

Batsmen OR Bowlers can set similar scenarios for themselves with the aim of achieving whatever they are trying to achieve.

It will make them mentally tougher!

Make sure you tell the bowlers, or batsmen in the nets what you want them to achieve. That way you and they are accountable...

I was where you are at, 45 years ago. All I can add is, keep working at it (you will get a lot better) and good luck.

Anil NooraniCoach, England

Neville, thank you for this, it`s brilliant and I will be using a World Cup Scenario on Saturday for some last minute winter coaching before the season starts. Thanks, Anil

Neville YoungCoach, Australia

Anil, this also makes a really good way to finish a batting session. Use the last 6 balls or so to challenge the batsman or the bowler. If they have had a bad time batting and have been getting out or hitting across the line, set them a challenge ie. You have to survive the last over to save the Test or the leg side is stacked with fielders. You only have to hit a ball (or 2) on the offside and you win the Word Championship. If the bowler has been short or bowling down leg side set them a challenge of every ball has to make the batsman play forward or if one (or 2) balls go down leg side they will be byes and your team will lose the game. Doing this with all the players regularly will be enjoyed by them. You will soon find players who will ask you what you want them to achieve in the last over of batting or bowling sessions. You can do the same sort of thing for catching and fielding sessions as well

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