category: Warmup

Basketball Jailbreak Warmup One team runs clockwise round the inside of the circle with the other team running ... Crocodile Warm Up Drill Thumbnail ...

Vertical Jumps- Dynamic Warm-Up

category: Fitness

Basketball Vertical Jumps- Dynamic Warm-up Fitness Players will walk 2 steps in a direction and then perform a vertical jump. When they land they wil...

Zig-Zag Hops- Warm-Up

category: Fitness

Basketball Zig-Zag Hops- Warm-Up Fitness Players will zig-zag across the court hopping on 1 leg. Once the player gets across the court, they will swi...

Pass And Follow

category: Warmup

Basketball Pass and follow Warmup Players stand in a circle with one ball per group. The first player with the ball starts off by ... Crocodile Warm ...

Web Videos

How to: warm up for basketball!

How to warm up for basketball. In this video coach rocky breaks down a great warm up routine that you can implement before training or playing. DON'T ...


Community Drills

Warming Up shooting 01

Warming up 3 positions 180 - 45 - elbow make 5 to change position alternate between each side 1- Correct form shooting 2- Eyes up&...