Keep Ball - 4 Vs 1

category: Passing

Two grids of equal size both with 4 players inside. One team starts with the ball and passes it around inside their area, trying to keep possession. I...

Simultaneous Bounce / Chest Pass

category: Passing

Players line up parallel with the sidelines. Depending on the level of your players you can start with one or two basketballs. If using two balls one...

3 Man Passing Drill 2 Basketballs

category: Passing

The person in the middle will receive the basketball from the player on the side, once the person in the middle has the ball they will throw it straig...

15 Pass Drill

category: Passing

Within half court only, offensive team must try to make 15 consecutive passes. The defensive team must try to intercept or deflect the passes.No dribb...

Chest Bounce Pass

category: Passing-Technique

Step forwards with one foot. As the weight transfers forward make a chest pass by extending your arms at chest height and bounce the ball in between y...

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Improve Assists - Speed Passing

Teamwork makes the dream work. This plan will have your players passing the ball intuitively to each other enabling them to move the ball quicker acro...