Getting shooters to hold strongly?

Getting shooters to hold strongly?

I have two new shooters to work with in seniors, we have been working on circle rotations during the preseason. I'm now trying to get them to understand the importance of holding to receive the quick passes in from the circle, any suggestions?

Janet ClarkeCoach, Australia
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

when you say "holding" do you mean to defend from behind to receive a lob, or to hold her space and then do a drive to the open side of the circle to receive a pass, or to pass behind, split, and then receive the ball back in less that a second?

Janet ClarkeCoach, Australia

Hi Lee-annes, with one of them it is all of the above, the player gets into a good position, then loses the advantage by either bouncing or moving off their defender slightly which seems to give the defence the opening to come round and intercept the pass.

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

most of the time when an attack player has set up the perfect pass and it gets intercepted, it is from 1 of 2 things...poor pass, or the attack player moving too early.  the lob pass, she needs to hold her position til the ball is at least at the 12 oclock position above her, and then she still needs to stay side on to receive it.  that way she is still protecting the ball with her body.  the best way to teach this is for you to be the defence and tell when to go...i normally go along the lines of hold hold hold, now!  once she feels the difference it will make a lot more sense for all of the passes.  the other reason for the intercept for a hold drive and pass is becauce the pass is too slow.  timing is everything with things like this.  hence the hold must be held longer than most think, and the pass is faster than they think.

does she receive many of her passes in split?  keeping her back to the defender and receiving the pass in a split keeps the ball protected as well.

let me know how you go.

Janet ClarkeCoach, Australia

thanks Lee-anne, my stronger shooter has a good split on her and defends the ball well. Now that its out there, I think it is more of a timing issue with the other shooter, will keep them working on these things. Let you know.

karen Coach, England

I understand the  hold hold hold. but can you explain what the slipt is, that is very useful about the ball being in 12 o/c position thanks karen

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

if your shooter starts to move before the ball is at its maximum height then her defence will be able to incept the ball as it comes down as she will be able to time her jump a lot easier.  if she leaves it too late then the ball will not be caught and could go over the back line.  the perfect time to move is when the ball is right over her head or just a fraction after so that she can jump and reach for it as it comes down.

does that make sense?

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

oh and karen the split is when the shooter jumps to catch the ball, and then lands with her legs split wide (but not rediculously so) with one foot extending towards the goal ring.  that way both feet are grounded and you have just made about 1/2m of extra ground (sometimes more) by just improving your landing.  just make sure though that the landing is equally weighted on both feet and the player is well balanced so that she can easily pivot and take the shot or repass to gain even more ground.

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