Blocking / interference research...

Blocking / interference research...

I'm an accredited coach doing some research on blocking as I had never had a player called for 'interference'. Is it within the rules to block your opponent from leading down court whilst facing her? The example is with my WD going out for centre pass, then blocking her WA (whilst facing her) to delay WA's lead down court. Of course my WD has her arms down and isn't contacting.Thank you
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Shirley Coach, Australia
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

i guess it depends on how she is setting this up.  facing your player to block/zone is allowed, provided there is no intimidation associated with it, or obstruction.  but if the WA is set up, and your player comes up and pushes her off the line to block/zone her, then there would be a contact or interference call for that.

have you spoken to the umpire to get a clear understanding of what they are calling.  if you dont like the call, then tape the play, and take it to the umpire conveyor, or just ask them to come and have a look as you are confused about why.

Janet from in here is very good with rules, so if anyone is going to be able to give you a clear answer it will be her.

Shirley Coach, Australia

Thank you. With your examples given, it still sounds like my player wasnt doing anything wrong. It was an all day carnival in trying winter conditions and unfortunately the opportunity to speak with the umpire was missed. I might just put this one down to 'one of those things' and if it ever happens again I will definitely speak with the umpire and if required, take your advice by taping the play. Thank you again and by the way, I love the resources available on this site. Kind regards, Shirl

Janet Coach, Australia

Hi Shirley.  Lee-anne has provided a good example of what is allowed. In my recent experience the only type of interfering contact that should be penalised is a defender moving into the path of a moving player and causing contact but for that to be the case the attacking player must have no opportunity to avoid the contact i.e. change direction, stop, retreat. Occassionally I have come across an overzealous player who will cause contact/interfere but mostly see incidental contact from either good defending or fair contest between two players. A defender does not have to allow the uncontested  progress of a player down court.  Refer to Rule 17 which does provide a fairly clear ruling on what is not allowed and we umpires are supposed to be facilitating fair contest including incidental contact by both contesting players theses days.

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