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Shooter taking long shots all the time, how to change it?

Hi,I am finding it really difficult to get one of my shooters out the habit of trying to shoot every shot from the outer edge of the circle with not a very good success rate. She doesn't seem to see or want to understand that a pass would be more beneficial, has anyone had similar issues or have any suggestions to get rid of this attitude and mindset. Thanks In advance
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Hi Morma,

What you are describing can be very frustrating cant it.

I think you should try and have a game plan that you put across to your players, which one of the main points could be that we aim to get the GS and GA as close to the net as possible to take the shots. Then use a drill such as this to reinforce the running lines that will get the GS and GA in space next to the net (you can probably find lots of similar drills on Sportplan). 

Make sure the player who is always taking those long shots has a go in all positions so that she can appreciate the work other teammates are doing to get into space. 

I hope this helps! 

Give and Go - Landing Circle Edge

Video / Animation
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A starts with the ball

  • ORANGE drives and receives the ball from A (1)
  • RED drives straight to receive the ball from ORANGE (2)
  • Orange does a 'give and go' to receive the ball back from Red, landing circle edge (3)
  • ORANGE then drives high into the third to receive the ball back from RED (4)
  • YELLOW drives out straight to receive the ball from RED (5)
  • RED does a 'give and go' to receive the ball back from YELLOW (6)
  • YELLOW then drives deep to land circle edge and receives the ball back from RED (7)
  • BLUE drives into the circle and receieves the ball from YELLOW (8)

The practice is then repeated in the same order.

To begin tell each player to go back to their orignal queue - so they are practicing the same movement over and over. 

Coaching Points:

Ensure each player focuses on driving hard onto the ball and focus on their angles 

Each player will be doing a 'give and go' this will allow them to get the feel of it and be able to implement it on court 

Once your players have got the hang of the drill they can move onto the next queue once they have past the ball

  • A (BLUE) goes to ORANGE
  • ORANGE goes to RED
  • RED goes to YELLOW
  • YELLOW goes to BLUE 

This will allow each player to think about their new role. 

Hi Morna,

Obviously this attitude is very poor and the athlete is not wanting to understand how she can become more successful under the post. Therefore, personally I would advise 1 of 2 things. Firstly, get your shooters to 10-15 shots (you decide) each shot missed the rest of your players (defenders and mid-court) have to do a court sprint. This will put extreme pressure on your shooters as technically they have an easy job, simply get the shot in and your teammates don't have to run. Alternatively, get your players who do not shoot to stand around the circle edge watching the shooters. Get each shooter to shoot 10 shots, from their chosen distance. Each shot missed counts for a court sprint (or half, depending on how many shots are being missed). Once all shooters have done their shots the whole squad will complete their court sprints together. This should encourage your shooters to shoot closer to the post for the easier shots.

Hope this helps.

You could even ask them at training to have 5 shots from her usual 'long shot' range. Then move them closer to the net and ask them to have 5 more shots. Then hopefully they get more in from the closer distance and you can say "there you go...lets try and work as a team to get closer to the net before we shoot' 

Thanks everyone for your responses
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My guess would be that she either doesn't like the idea of the other shooter taking the shot instead of her or wants to shoot from a distance because she thinks it's more impressive. Do you know whether her family is encouraging her to take distance shots? I used to shoot with someone whose parents and grandmother constantly called out for her to shoot whenever she got the ball, even when it was clear she wasn't going to get it in, because it was impressive when she did get them. What ultimately worked was that our coach started taking shooting percentages, and taking long-range shots went from something that she sometimes received praise for to something that almost always pulled down her percentage. It also helped her become more conscious of her accuracy in general and more willing to work as a team. Maybe keep a tally of your shooter's goals and misses and add a symbol whenever it was a long-range shot so she can see how her percentage goes down when she's further out.

Yes, it is difficult, but try to keep it fun rather than getting frustrated as it will not be long before players and parents follow suit and then this player will feel victimised.  Devise games where there have to be a certain amount of passes before a shot goes up so she will have to pass.  I often play games where they can't shoot until I say - which is when there is a reasonable shot. Also, a game where the shooters have to pass to each other can help,  Show them how a well timed move by the other goalie prior to a long shot being taken can catch out the defence and mean a much closer shot for her partner.

Always talk about the goalies as a partnership.  Talk about 'turning over the strike' a cricket term which means delivering to both goalies and not allowing one to dominate play.

If this isn't working - move your shooter to WA during these games.  She will be keen to receive the ball and perhaps see things from a new perspective.

After a few trainings, if she doesnt perform on game day, then bench her , every shot lost can cost the team a point worse yet games. So unless your happy with that, bench her until she works it out. Not encouraging but your the coach, there will be shooters happily ready to take her place. She may move well but Im banking she'll shoot, 70-80% of the time just inside the circle, she needs to learn the hard way as this will not change as she moves up the ranks where losing is not an option.
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