Repitition of footwork and drills? Should I do this?

Repitition of footwork and drills? Should I do this?

Hi I have coached the same team for 3 years and they are now under 11"s....I have always tried to mix it up and do something different every session to keep the girls interested, but I feel as though we all get a bit lost in trying to keep it different... I would like to have a basic foot skill "routine" and drills that we do every session, so basic skills become second nature. I would then add a different skill session and fun game each week....Is there any experienced coaches out there that do this or does it create too much boredom doing the same thing each week?

Netball CoachCoach
Janet Coach, Australia

I liked to keep warm up to just a few repetitive footwork routines and dynamic stretches so teams could almost do it by themselves with minimal supervision (just a gentle reminder to do them properly).  That gives me time to set up the next phase of training for drills & routines covering the skill set of the week.  Sometimes a new drill  or routine takes the rest of the session until everyone learns & completes it correctly. It is good to get everyone achieving or a least understanding what the goal is for your sessions even if it is a little boring for those who already have the skills. In my early days I used to try to give lots of variety to keep them interested but that made it more difficult to achieve training goals.     

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

I'm with Janet and have a basic footwork and dynamic routine in the beginning and this is the same warmup routine i run on game days. that way if i have any info i need to share with the parents i can do so without big ears around as well.  also gives the girls some ownership.  i also mix it up after that in order to teach a particular skill, but i always try and keep a basic group of drills that work with them, and then add or extend them.  good luck with it.

Janine DetermesCoach, Australia

Definitely, use the pitta patta quick feet on base line, with eyes up and coach holds ball then introduce quick feet with pitta patta step  right foot steps out pitta patta left pitta patta fwd left pitta patta back etc.  they can then walk thru jog thru to next third repeat.. Progression on this is pairs reflex with ball.... coming in anywhere with the fast feet.  Important with all players to keep bady tall chest up and feet stance narrow. this keeps balance and quick feet.

Netball CoachCoach

Thanks Janet, Lee-anne and Janine, we have our first training back tomorrow after holidays, so I will try and implement a routine that they can do as warm-up and on game day. I think this will free up some time for me especially pre-game as it is always so frantic trying to organise everything. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, I will keep you posted on how we go..

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