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Looking for some tips on planning a session

I have a group of approx 20 people and I am looking for some tips how to plan out a session with some sort of game at the end? thanks in advance

Hi Lucy,

First off good luck coaching such a large group. Our first port of call would be to try and recruit some helpers - perhaps parents or some more senior players?

We've also put our heads together and have thought up some session planning ideas to give you a planning springboard:

  • Focus on one aspect that you would like to improve (only one) - can be anything from skills to tactics
  • Just like a good story, make sure your session has a beginning (warm up), a middle (skill/tactical development) and an end (final game to reinforce learned skill)
  • Ensure all aspects of your session are focused. For example, if working on passing make sure your warm up, drills and final game work on passing!
  • Make sure you've got enough equipment (bibs, cones, balls etc). Better to have too much rather than too little!
  • Ensure there's a logical order to the session, from warm up to final game. This will help things flow smoothly and helps your players to get the most out of the session
  • Lastly - make sure everyone is safe and don't be afraid to veer off course, just because you've planned. A plan is just that, a plan and if something important comes up at training don't be afraid to go with it!

Hope these help!
The Sportplan Team

if its at the beginning of the season id probably concentrate on fitness.  so lots of running, strength, running around cones, basic passing.  depending on the age of this group, i find relays work best to keep them motivated.

you can do a little bit of 2 on 2 (or whatever number you want to choose) is always good to get them back into the movement of netball, and then a fun game at the end.

as the weeks progress then increase the intensity and the focus of your sessions.  as sports plan has already mentioned, pick one skill and make that your focus for that session...ball skills, footwork, intercepting, defences, attack, getting away from your player, shooting, spreading out...ect

good luck, and definitely do not try and tackle such a large group on your own, or you will end up missing a lot of basic mistakes, and the team will find it hard to improve, once you move from fitness to skills.

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  • search our library of 700+ netball drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
  • or access our tried and tested plans