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How to coach my team on the basics of goal-line throw ins?

We need to practice our goal line throw as an attacking thrown because ares is getting intercepted is there any pointers we can use

the main reason passes get intercepted is because the person throwing the ball throws a bad pass, or the person catching it is standing still.  not knowing what age or abilty we are talking about here, limits what drills you can do, as i would never suggest log passes to the lower grades/ages, but would for the higher/older ones.  but work on basic ball skills (ie passing strong and accurate passes, spreading and and driving forward, and for the person passing the ball to see the best space to pass into.  but this depends on age and ability, as its a developed skill to read play.  

hope that helps.

thank you they are older players so will spend time on this  thanks again

then add teaching them to also create space behind them and holding/blocking/zoning their player for a lob pass.  teach them not to move to the pass (which is behind them) till the lob is at the 12 oclock position, and for them to move in a side on movement not a backward position (ie stand slightly side on to the defence player and take off perpendicular to your defence player).  never let them stand still to receive a pass.  if they move into a space but didnt receive the pass, then they need to move back out of that space to create another.  movement in the circle is very important.

I agree with all the above, particularly never stop moving, adjusting even if holding space behind.  Use your WA, C even if just to fake a pass.  A fake to GA, pass to C or WA on 45 of cirlcle edge for a quick double play back to GS is also worthy of practice at training for adding to your teams repertoire.  In my current team my goalies tend to compete with each other for space which affects the options for passing in so we work on movement in the circle reading off each other with player behind responsible for reading and adjusting to player in front(i.e. player closest to the ball). Always move to meet the ball no split/lunge then catch it should be catch & split/lunge all in one movement. Defending the defender to hold space in front is also handy for the shorter goalie to practice but pass in must be quick and low.  

the circuit idea sounds awesome!


Hello everybody,l @lee,

@jane.@rachel...Im elena from fiji,im not a coach but sometime we need to give some desision while we traning,it is a very big help for and first i have to teach my 13 years old girl,and shes playing defences and other girls,,plis give more ideas abouting shooting too.

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