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What's the best way to rotate my 8 players?

What is the best way to rotate my 8 players. I currently bench one player every quarter.

depends on what your gpal is for the team, the division you play in, the depth of your team.  but most people do exactly what you are doing.  rotate a player each quarter.

Excellent thank you. My team are under 9's. First time netballers. The club wants us to rotate positions every quarter, but I am doing it every half as It is very confusing for most of the girls at this level and age. 

the clubs like to do it that way so everyone gets a turn.  parents dont like to see their kids sitting on the sidelines for half a game.  but i also understand that its very hard to rotate newbies around the court as its very disruptive.  just know though that the other teams you are playing are all in the same situation as yourself.  maybe try and concentrate on 2 positions at training.  that way in a month they will have covered the entire court.  at that age they just want to have a go, winning (which in netta the goals arent counted) is optional.  just concentrate on the basics.

Another idea is to rotate them through attacking and defence positions over a 3-4 week period. Eg: Will play GK, GD and WD over those 3 weeks. Two other players will do the same in defence. That way at least you aren't swapping them all over the court (eg gong from GK to WA to C in the same game) and they do get to understand one end over that period. Those girls will then go into the attacking end the following 4 weeks. It seems to make it a bit less confusing.

Like Lee-Anne said, more than likely all the other teams will be doing the same so both teams will have the same confusion.

What do you do when you have 9 players you need to rotate?

I have what I call a "go to girl" each week.  That way I only have one little one who is a bit confused as to where she can and cant go rather than 7. What I do is put 7 girls on the court in a position and my go to girl is off the first quarter. the second quarter say my GD comes off and my go to girl goes to GD, everyone else stays where they are. Half time the girl who is off goes back to GD and my go to girl goes to say GS and the GS comes off. 3/4 time my GS goes back on to where she was and my go to girl goes into another position say C and my C comes off.  I just keep a spread sheet of where each girls has played and how many times she has come off etc

thats awesome if you have a player who is able to play all the positions, but most new netta young teams have players who have never played sp any movement is difficult.

but since they are learning and everyone is doing the same thing then limiting to an area ie defence, center court, shooting, for a period of time might be the best option until they find their strength in one area.

as for 9 players Ruby, its the same.  just rotate 2 players off every quarter and each game one player has a whole game.  and then rotate the whole game player each week.  this is mainly for teams that are young or rotation is required.  otherwise if you are limited in a particular area (im limited in shooters in my team this year) keep one shooter (or whatever position you are short on) for the whole game on court each week and rotate every other player.  one quarter off isnt too bad.

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