How is the best way to defend a GS

How is the best way to defend a GS

How is the best way to defend a GS who is a foot taller than the GK and can hold faily well (and no exageration I have a very short team so putting a different defender wont change much )

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Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

im only 163cm, so am short considering my preference is GD/GK.  when my shooter is tall, i tend to do a lot of zoning, and defence from behind and side trying to force them to shoot from a distance.  that is about all you can do.  it wont stop the passes coming in, but it might limit the number of shots that go in, and it also puts the defence in a much better position for rebounds.

Allie CollyerCoach, Australia

I face this most weeks with my team as I don't have any tall girls at all. My daughter is GK and does a great job of standing much taller players. Basically what I train into them is very similar to Lee-anne's suggestions above.

I tell her to never let the shooter get behind her as that is a sure way for the GS to drop into the space. She uses her body very well (very small build but strong) and bodies up against the GS and forces her away from the post. I also don't mind her letting the GS come out of the circle wihout contesting too much - if she thinks she can get an intercept go for it but if not, don't overcommit so that she ends up losing her player. If the GD is very good at covering her GA, it makes them shoot from further out meaning they have a chance of getting a rebound. Teach your defenders to defend the shot then turn and block the shooters from getting too close to the post.

It is also very much a team game where you need to drill into all the players that defence all down the court is super important.  Don't just leave it to a jumping contest at the end of the court. If all players are tight in defence, get their hands over each pass to put pressure on there will be turnover opportunities.

My daughter often thinks she hasn't played a good game when she plays on the tall girls because she won't get many tips or intercepts but she has kept them to a small number of goals by forcing them long and that is just as important.

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I find that Tall and Larger GS are very hard to play against. I consistantly tell my girls "Just because they stand flat footed, doesn't mean you can!"

I have taught my girls to always stay side on while defending still players. Never defend with one hand.. If you can get one hand to the ball you can get two there aswell.

Try this drill

  1. Have a GS/GA stand with your GK/GD. Stand in one place.. do not lead.
  2. While a 3rd player passes the ball the the GA/GS, its the defenders job the move those feet and get around their opposition. 
  3. start off with fending the ball off with the outside arm, then encourage her to get quicker feet and pull that ball in two hands

This can also work in with lobs. Correct footwork to get around the player is crucial.

Netball CoachCoach

You could get the defenders to mark side-on or front-on and tell them that if the attackers step out of the shooting circle, block their way back in so they can't get an oppurtunity to shoot or recieve a pass. I'm GS and I aways find this really annoying so it puts me off A LOT!! Players who do this will automatically keep up with their attacker but they ahve to saty on their feet the whole time.

Hope this helps!

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