Help! My team aren't getting along!

Help! My team aren't getting along!

Recently I have noticed some of my team members have started being nasty towards each other on the court and negative towards others. It is affecting their game and everyone else's. I also have a player complaining about another player behind her back. How do I get my team to become more positive towards each other and re-iterate that we need to get along and encourage each other?

Netball CoachCoach
Camilla ChapmanCoach, England

Hi Daniela,

It`s key that your players get along on court and it`s important to have a good team spirit - negative attitudes can lead to negative play! I would arrange some team-bonding activities or drills in training, to stress to your players how important it is to work together on court. With my ladies football team - and this could apply to your Netball team too - we have a very good team spirit because we`re all very good friends. We could organise a simple team outing, such as a meal or bowling, and on court in training, you could use fun warm-up drills and races to get your players working together!

It`s also important that you reinforce positivity and support on court, so encourage your players to support each other and leave the negativity away from the team in a team-talk.

Hope that helps!

Netball CoachCoach

Thank you Camilla. I will give all of your advice a go!!

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

girls are bitchy. it tends to come from the need to put others down to build yourself up. you need to get on top of this in a positive, but clear way. firstly explain how their attitudes are affecting the outcome of their game. netball is a TEAM sport, and relies on everyone trusting and respecting their team members. and let them know that you have seen that there are some issues within the team. its not about liking each other, its about working together and respecting everyones role within the team. it is OK to not like each other but it is NOT ok to speak poorly or treat each other poorly because of it on the court.

sometimes spending time doing a fun non netball activity together is a great way to build the team up. going to the beach, or a park and doing an obstacle course on the play equipment, a scavenger hunt, anything that encourages them to work together in a fun way can be really great in building your team.

going to see a high level netball game is great too. if your team cant afford to see one of the big state teams play, then even a team within the club in div 1 play would be good.

at each game or training session ask each player to say something positive about a player in their team that they are doing well in, is also good. its a bit weird at first, but its good for the team to know that their work is noticed. if you notice one player being excluded, then make it about the person to the left and right that they have to say something about.

but remember you too can help by pointing out to each player what they are doing well too. so the team can hear that you can find something positive about each and everyone one.

if this behaviour continues then talk to the girls concerned personally and let them know that you are not happy with their choices. if it continues you will be speaking to their parents. (make sure you have spoken to the club pres and find out what is protocal in these circumstances and follow that first.)

good luck and hope it all sorts itself out.

Netball CoachCoach

Thanks Lee-Anne!

Joyce TuckerCoach, Australia

I had a team at the beginning of this season that were very nasty and telling each other off all the time for errors. I explained there is no i in team. I will not put up with their attitude - everytime that they picked I would make reference to and say that they were not the coach. I am not a negative person either I shout out well done and try and be upbeat most of the time. But as I said everytime you hear them yelling negative comments to each other eg. stepped - I would say dont you know that the whistle has gone I think the player will know they dont need you to tell them. Need comments like good try - better luck next time. I have been coaching for many years and have found this the best result. Stamp out their negative ways.

Good luck - Go Team

Netball CoachCoach

Thanks Joyce!

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